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Sketching Techniques: Crating

When attempting this type of drawing, imagine the product and it’s component parts fitting inside a series of boxes or crates.  These will be much easier to draw in the initial stages rather than attempting to draw complex curves from scratch.  It is also easier to judge a cube when drawing.  Using this as a basis, the final shape can be drawn in relation to these crates.

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Konigsberger & Vannucchi Office Building

Brazilian firm Konigsberger & Vannucchi use terraces to turn an office building into a landmark.  ”Good architecture”, they say, “expresses itself through beauty and harmony of forms, not through the use of seemingly sophisticated materials.  We strove to achieve an architecture that could be recognized as generous to the city, without being too costly for the client.”

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Photoshop Renderings (Special Offer)

Send us your 2D drawing, and we’ll turn it into a full color Photoshop rendering complete with textures, shading, and extras like people and cars.  Turnaround time is 48 hours or less.  Call or email today for more info.

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